The following testimonial was written in 2019, when I asked Mike Flynn, Executive Director of a young NGO, if he was satisfied with the results of the strategy work we had done together in 2016.

„In 2016, Andreas Wettstein and his colleagues at Agility3 worked with the staff of the Global Detention Project (GDP) to help us produce our first-ever strategic plan. The GDP had only recently become an independent non-profit organization after operating for many years as an academic project inside a university. Not only did we have so much to learn, but we were also somewhat resistant to many of the ideas and exercises that we now understand to be critical aspects of any strategic review process. Andreas did a remarkable job impressing upon us the importance of the process and guiding us through it. The end result speaks for itself— the strategic plan that we developed with Agility3 has proved to be an invaluable resource helping us turn a fledgeling research project into a thriving and self-confident NGO.“

Mike Flynn – Executive Director – Global Detention Project

Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition GmbH

“Andreas and his team have been a great support to our company for our strategic and operational transformation projects. As a company that had to grow double-digit for over 20 years, we had reached the point where our structures and management systems needed to be reviewed and adapted to our current size and future growth plans. Andreas has strong analytical and broad business capabilities, yet he is also very pragmatic and hands-on in developing and implementing solutions. What we particularly appreciate about working with Andreas is his ability to connect with the people in the organization and his willingness to challenge us in an open and constructive manner. We can recommend Andreas to anyone looking for a journey partner for their business growth and development projects.”

– Bernhard Eckel, Head of Business Development

RSM Switzerland SA

„For the last year, Agility 3’s Andreas has been accompanying and supporting our professional services firm. During the growth that our company has been experiencing, through an interesting combination of hands-on and coaching, he has enabled us to focus our efforts and vision, and put in place the key organisational elements and strategic direction that is enabling our growth to be constructive and unhindered. An area that is susceptible to issues and difficulties during such development is our talent pool. He has assisted us in putting in place the tools that enable us to empower, give responsibility to and motivate key personnel whilst helping diffuse within the firm a positive spirit that is often countered by turbulent effects that organisational change through rapid growth can bring. Andreas, thank you for ensuring the continuation and development of “the smell of the place” at our firm. Professor Ghoshal would be proud!“
 Jeremy Howarth, Managing Partner, RSM Switzerland


„What I valued most is Andreas‘ method that I would call a «no bullshit approach». It takes a lot of guts if a consultant dares to say: «I don’t know, but let’s think about it together» Then during the process, he listens carefully, asks the right questions in the right moment and offers advice if you get stuck. Andras helped us to navigate through a difficult time and to bring our organization one step forward, which we are very grateful for.“
 Christian Zeyer, CEO, swisscleantech

Borrer Executive Search

„I first met Andreas presentation at a ScaleUp workshop event and was curious to what he could do for our business, a boutique executive search firm, that was highly founder driven and looking to grow beyond this model. We decided to engage Andreas to help us with sharpening our strategy and execution. The results from this Explore and Focus program were remarkable. We came out with a new sense of clarity on where to put our efforts to develop our business, redefined roles and focus of our team internally and we applied with zest and rigour the KPIs we set ourselves for the year.  Andreas is the ideal partner for business founders who want to bring their business to the next level, but are looking for the clarity of how to get there amidst the challenges of the daily business.“

– Jennifer Borrer – Founder and CEO

Logan & Partners

I worked with Andreas Wettstein at Agility 3 to build a business plan and sales channel for my company to help it to grow.
I also participated in Andreas’s ‘Book Yourself Solid’ workshop series in Switzerland. I appreciated very much working with Andreas for his insightfulness and clear thinking which helped me to find a better way of doing things in my business and to implement needed change.
I recommend Andreas as a business and strategy advisor for all small business owners looking to scale-up.
– Kelly Logan, Founder & Managing Partner

Conti Advanced Business Learning

“As I started my reflection on how to scale my business, I had so many doubts and so many possible choices. Andreas helped me,  in only a few hours, to define a clear strategy for my business.

I loved the fact that he considered my personality and values in his coaching. Now that I have this clarity, I can approach customers and partners with confidence and enthusiasm.”

– Giuseppe Conti – Founder of Conti Advanced Business Learning

Prosensit SA (Sweden)

Recently, I participated with other people in one of Andreas‘ coaching classes on how to get more clients. Andreas performed in style, brilliantly and in an utmost professional manner, displaying his calm coaching capabilities. The content is very useful and highly recommended, for all types and sizes of organizations.

Andreas is very easy going and willing to discuss and share in a positive, straightforward direct manner, adapted to the situation. His ideas and our interactions have had a great impact on the development of my business and myself.

Finally and in addition to the above, I would describe Andreas as calm, friendly, a warm personality with a powerful coaching style with strong analytical and international business capabilities. He is a life-long learner, thorough and very structured. He speaks multiple languages, amongst other Spanish and Chinese, switching easily between those and the other ones he speaks. It’s a pleasure to interact with Andreas!

– Christian de Loës, CEO of a Prosensit AS

International Committee of the Red Cross – ICRC

“Andreas Wettstein supported our organisation during a very important business transformation project. As a project manager responsible for the delivery of the project, I highly appreciated Andreas’s professionalism, his positive energy and his deep business and interpersonal skills. He was always able to bring in fresh perspectives and helped us maintain a positive momentum in the project. It was a great pleasure to work with Andreas and I would recommend him to anyone looking for an external partner for a challenging business transformation project” 

– Erich Oetiker, at that time project manager

Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition GmbH

Als junge Teamleiterin im Marketing stehe ich vor vielen Herausforderungen. Mit der Unterstützung von Andreas konnte ich in kurzer Zeit vor allem die Ziele meiner Abteilung klarer formulieren, sowie die Planung unserer langfristigen Projekten und die Priorisierung von Aufgaben verbessern. Aber auch für eine effiziente Arbeit im Tagesgeschäft hat Andreas immer viele kleine Tipps parat. Andreas ist selber sehr gut strukturiert und hat langjährige Erfahrung im Unternehmenscoaching. Ich freue mich, weiterhin mit ihm zusammenzuarbeiten.

– Dr. Anne-Kathrin Blässe, Teamleiterin Marketing


“Andreas and his team demonstrated great expertise in helping us navigate through the challenging task of selecting a new manufacturing site for our plant in Asia”

– Head of Operations at Swarowski