Do you feel at risk of becoming a bottleneck for the growth of your business?

You have tried to …

  • Hiring new team members to support you, just to be swamped in “people issues”?
  • Becoming better at delegation, just to find yourself with more work than before because otherwise the important stuff does not get done?
  • Build a strong leadership team, just to realise that everyone just seems to be looking for their own interests?

Do you wish that instead …

  • You could have more time for the things that matter most, instead of spending your time dealing with other people’s problems?
  • Your team members take work off your plate because they have a strong sense of autonomy and ownership?
  • You have a strong and effective leadership team, with everyone working together towards a common goal?
  • Be are able to go home a bit earlier from time to time, or even consider taking a months sabbatical?


Do you want to get your freedom back, instead of feeling like a slave of your business?

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step-by-step plan, tailored to your personal situation. 

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