Increase the effectiveness of your leadership team

Connected Leadership™ is a 12-week group coaching program to significantly increase the focus and engagement of leaders at all levels of an organisation

The result is more traction on the actions that bring the business forward. 

It is specifically designed for owner-operated companies generating more than 1 Mio € top-line revenue per year, who are facing the challenge that the business founders are becoming a bottleneck because the organisation is still to dependent on them for daily operations.

The challenge

You know how business owners, the more people they hire, the less time they have. They have more and more employees, but they don’t seem to make your life easier – on the contrary. They need to work longer and longer hours, and most of the time you spend in reactive mode, solving operational issues and fighting fires.

It this situation resonates with you, read on.

The alternative

Imagine instead that you could spend most of your time developing the business, by working almost exclusively on those things you do best. With every new person you bring on board, your life gets easier. You don’t have to work long hours fighting fires dealing with operational matters.

What is Connected Leadership™ all about?

Connected Leadership™ is a 12-week group coaching program for leadership teams of entrepreneurial organisations. It delivers the three main outcomes:

  1. A renewed sense of focus, connection and commitment among the members of the leadership team
  2. A compelling strategy that with clearly formulated “Must Win Battles” that has the buy-in not only of top leaders, but also middle management and key team members
  3. A sense of engagement among the key team members for achieving traction and excellence in execution for the company’s “Must Win Battles”

We developed Connected Leadership™ based on many years of experience supporting entrepreneurs who want to create scalable businesses, and on recent research in organisational psychology.

The program consists of four stages

Stage 1: Explore

The objective of this phase is to create a specific and mutually agreed 3-year picture of the organisation, and identify challenges to overcome in order to achieve this vision. In this phase we also look at existing assets which may be under-exploited, and opportunities to be captured.

Stage 2: Focus

The objective of this phase is to agree on the “Must Win Battles” to achieve the 3-year vision formulated in the previous phase. I this phase we also identify key initiatives for the next 12 months.

Stage 3: Commit

The objective of this phase is get commitment from key team members on the critical actions to be executed over the next 12 weeks in order to get traction on the key initiatives formulated in the previous phase. This is a highly collaborative process which allows to get buy-in from the team members who need to make things happen as part of their daily business.

We achieve this commitment by making sure that the agreed actions are perceived as realistic and achievable.

Stage 4: Engage

The objective of this phase is to ensure the engagement of key team member so that what was agreed gets done. Where other programs leave  this up to chance, we keep supporting the teams over a period of at least 4 weeks to ensure that critical actions don’t get lost in the busyness of the daily operations.

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