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The challenge for business founders

Few things are more exciting for the entrepreneurially-minded than building and growing a business. The challenge, for founders of both commercial companies and non-profit organisations, is to keep growing successfully without getting lost in daily business.
Even organisations with great people, wonderful products and years of successful growth can reach a point when things “just don’t feel right any more”, or “don’t work as well as they used to”. Winning new clients, delivering new projects and getting new employees on board often translates into longer working hours and diminishing returns.
If managing your business is not as enjoyable as it used to be, and your people start saying that  “there must be a better way to run this business”, then your organisation has probably reached a Scale-Up Point.

The symptoms that change is needed

Typical symptoms that the organisation has reached a Scale-Up Point are
  • After a long phase of low staff turnover, good people are leaving
  • Increasing tensions among your leadership team
  • Team morale is not as good as it was when the team was smaller
  • The more people you hire, the more you seem to be solving other people’s problems
  • Team leaders are great technically, but are not so good at delegating and motivating
  • More and more energy is spent dealing with internal conflict, rather that with serving your clients
Almost every business with real growth potential experiences this but only a fraction of them manage to move beyond this point to continue their journey to achieve their ambitions.

The Agility3 promise

Agility3 is a boutique consulting firm on a mission to help leaders “get the Mojo back into their business” by helping business founders remove obstacles for growth so that they can reach new levels of business performance and achieve a better quality of life.
The starting point of our work with clients is always a 3-hour workshop with the leadership team, similar to the public workshop you can view in the video above.

What our clients say about us

Coaching a leadership team in a scaling up process

“For the last year, Agility 3’s Andreas has been accompanying and supporting our professional services firm. During the growth that our company has been experiencing, through an interesting combination of hands-on and coaching, he has enabled us to focus our efforts and vision, and put in place the key organisational elements and strategic direction that is enabling our growth to be constructive and unhindered. An area that is susceptible to issues and difficulties during such development is our talent pool. He has assisted us in putting in place the tools that enable us to empower, give responsibility to and motivate key personnel whilst helping diffuse within the firm a positive spirit that is often countered by turbulent effects that organisational change through rapid growth can bring. Andreas, thank you for ensuring the continuation and development of “the smell of the place” at our firm. Professor Ghoshal would be proud!”
 Jeremy Howarth, Managing Partner, RSM Switzerland

Coaching a leadership team in a scaling up process

“Andreas and his team have been a great support to our company for our strategic and operational transformation projects. As a company that had to grow double-digit for over 20 years, we had reached the point where our structures and management systems needed to be reviewed and adapted to our current size and future growth plans. Andreas has strong analytical and broad business capabilities, yet he is also very pragmatic and hands-on in developing and implementing solutions. What we particularly appreciate about working with Andreas is his ability to connect with the people in the organization and his willingness to challenge us in an open and constructive manner. We can recommend Andreas to anyone looking for a journey partner for their business growth and development projects.”

– Bernhard Eckel, Head of Business Development

Coach the leadership team of an NGO to develop a strategic plan for next phase of growth

“Fashion Revolution is a not a typical NGO – we have something of a maverick leadership team to whom business planning does not always come naturally. We knew, therefore, that it would take a certain type of consultant to bring focus to our creative approach. As soon as we started working with Andreas, we immediately felt at ease with his calm and measured approach. Given our time and budget constraints, we appreciated the simple framework, the ease of using Notion as a platform and the clear instructions on what needed to be done between sessions.

Andreas listened more than spoke, synthesised expansive ideas into one line sentences and guided us seamlessly through the entire process of creating a strategic plan. He was professional, direct and helpful throughout. We thank him for his support in navigating this process and would have no hesitation in recommending him for any organisation looking for a clear picture on the way ahead.”

Carry Somers: Founder and Global Operations Director

Click here to find out more about Fashion Revolution

Coach the leadership team of an EPFL spin-off to sharpen their strategy

“C4DT mandated Agility3 to guide us through the definition of the center’s strategy and goals. We were really pleased with the ability of Agility3 not only to have clear processes in place to set up those goals, but also in the way they prepared the mandate and moderated the various workshops. Moreover, the support continued until the strategy was communicated and implementation started, with feedback sessions organized along the quarter. We thank Agility3 for their support and would be more than happy to recommend them!”

– Olivier Crochat, CEO

About C4DT: Housed at EPFL, the Center for Digital Trust brings together 12 founding partners34 laboratories, civil society, and policy actors to collaborate, share insight, and to gain early access to trust-building technologies, building on state-of-the-art research at EPFL and beyond.

Coaching d’une équipe de direction

L’ASPI ( ), née comme association en 1991 et devenue fondation en 2009, a traversé diverses phases en passant d’une gestion « artisanale » de la part d’un groupe fondateur extrêmement motivé à une gestion rendue toujours plus complexe par l’ampleur et le succès de ses activités de prévention de toute forme de violence à l’encontre des enfants.

Agility3 nous a aidé à prendre du recul par rapport à notre « boulimie » de travail, à analyser la structure même de notre organisation, nos ressources, nos processus et nos activités. Il a émis des hypothèses de changement et des recommandations pertinentes en vue de pérenniser l’ASPI. Il s’est par ailleurs aussi montré capable d’une grande écoute et capacité de gérer certaines résistances au changement.

Agility3 a sans aucun doute contribué à consolider l’ASPI comme point de référence pour la thématique de la prévention de la violence envers les enfants en Suisse italienne.

Un grand MERCI !

Myriam Caranzano-Maitre,
Direttrice Fondazione
Councillor ISPCAN – Executive Committee

Coaching a leadership team to develop a new strategic plan

“What I valued most is Andreas’ method that I would call a «no bullshit approach». It takes a lot of guts if a consultant dares to say: «I don’t know, but let’s think about it together» Then during the process, he listens carefully, asks the right questions in the right moment and offers advice if you get stuck. Andras helped us to navigate through a difficult time and to bring our organization one step forward, which we are very grateful for.”
 Christian Zeyer, CEO, swisscleantech

Updating  a strategy plan with a management team

“Last year our organisation was reaching the end of a 5-year strategy cycle and we needed to develop a new strategic plan. Andreas had been recommended to by another non-profit organisation.

From the beginning, Andreas impressed us with an unconventional approach, which set him apart from other consultants we had worked with in the past. Where other consultants would use standard tools, Andreas took considerable time to listen, which allowed him to apply his vast knowledge to our specific situation.

During the strategy process, which took place in a series of workshops, the whole team appreciated that Andreas created a supportive environment where people with different views and at various levels of the organisation could share their thoughts and opinions.

In the end, the team felt a strong sense of ownership for the strategic plan that was created under Andreas’ guidance.”

Eric Berman – Executive Director
Anna Alvazzy – Operations Director

Small Arms Survey

Developing a strategy plan for a new NGO

The following testimonial was written in 2019, when I asked Mike Flynn, Executive Director of a young NGO, if he was satisfied with the results of the strategy work we had done together in 2016.

“In 2016, Andreas Wettstein and his colleagues at Agility3 worked with the staff of the Global Detention Project (GDP) to help us produce our first-ever strategic plan. The GDP had only recently become an independent non-profit organization after operating for many years as an academic project inside a university. Not only did we have so much to learn, but we were also somewhat resistant to many of the ideas and exercises that we now understand to be critical aspects of any strategic review process. Andreas did a remarkable job impressing upon us the importance of the process and guiding us through it. The end result speaks for itself— the strategic plan that we developed with Agility3 has proved to be an invaluable resource helping us turn a fledgeling research project into a thriving and self-confident NGO.”

Mike Flynn – Executive Director – Global Detention Project

Coaching a business founder

“As I started my reflection on how to scale my business, I had so many doubts and so many possible choices. Andreas helped me,  in only a few hours, to define a clear strategy for my business.

I loved the fact that he considered my personality and values in his coaching. Now that I have this clarity, I can approach customers and partners with confidence and enthusiasm.”

– Giuseppe Conti – Founder of Conti Advanced Business Learning

The Agility3 Team

All  Agility3 team members have many years of practical management experience and are thoroughly familiar with the realities of building, operating and renewing businesses. We have been there ourselves, not only as consultants but also as managers and executives leading teams along the transformation journey.

Andreas Wettstein (Switzerland)

Andreas is the founder and managing partner of Agility3. He studied Food Technology in Munich and later Business Administration in Lausanne. He is a certified project management professional and has held senior positions in Nestlé, PwC and EY. Besides his work as a coach and consultant, he teaches Strategy and Change Management at the Geneva School of Diplomacy.

Andreas is an expert for business change and transformation. He loves to connect people and ideas across functions, organisations, geographies and cultures. It is no coincidence that in his 25 years of combined industry and consulting experience, he has always been involved in the early stages of a business.

Andreas has worked in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Philippines, China, and several European countries and speaks fluent English, German, French, Spanish and intermediate Mandarin.

Jeremy McTeague (Switzerland & UK)

Jeremy specialises in growth consulting to small and medium entrepreneurial organisations operating in the technology and not-for-profit sectors. He started his career as a British army officer and international banker. He has an MBA from Cass Business School.

Jeremy’s experience in funding, talent development and communications have been gained working in market-leading organisations including Barclays Bank, AMEC, IMD, Weber Shandwick and Oak Philanthropy. An entrepreneur himself, he founded a small food manufacturer and a property company in the UK as well as Le News, an English-language newspaper based in Switzerland.

Since 2015, Jeremy has been consulting to companies in the biotechnology, optical technology and precision tools markets, and to not-for-profit organisations in the income generation, agricultural development, women empowerment and human rights sectors. Jeremy is married and lives in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Janet Shaner (Switzerland)

Janet, President of Top10 Learning Solutions, is a learning professional and networking expert both in real-world practice as an entrepreneur and through academic research.

She has 20+ years’ experience in the management education industry with institutions such as IMD, INSEAD and Harvard as well as industry experience with Champion Athletic Apparel.

Services provided by Top10 Learning Solutions include learning design and implementation, marketing and strategy, and workshops on organization and networks.

Janet earned her doctorate at the University of Lausanne, researching the relationship between external business networks and performance in foreign investments. She holds a BBA in Finance from the University of Iowa and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Norun Laahne Thomassen

Norun, founder of aequilibre – People & Organisational Development, is a certified coach specialising in leadership development, teambuilding and career change.

Convinced that personal and organisational development go hand-in-hand, her main mission as a coach and trainer is to help clients embrace self-leadership no matter where they are in the hierarchy. Inspired by tools and resources from various internationally recognised coaching traditions (Co-Active, ORSC, Positive Psychology, Barrett) she is an expert in designing and delivering effective experiential workshops, trainings and coaching programmes that meet the specific needs of each client.

Norun has 20 years of broad corporate experience with FIFA and KPMG in communications, digital media and finance. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Fribourg (Switzerland) and speaks fluent English, German, French and Norwegian.

Mark Kissack (Switzerland)

Mark helps leaders of organisations create long term value by providing tools to better guide their decision-making.

For three decades he has successfully implemented transformation in public, private-equity and family-owned businesses. His approach involves putting the individual at the centre of the transformation. He believes that this is even more important in a successful digital transformation.

More recently, Mark has been using his skills in helping businesses to be more sustainable. He strongly believes that the major challenges of the 21stCentury are a business opportunity.

Mark Kissack has a degree in Economics from Manchester University and is a Fellow Chartered Accountant of the ICAEW. He has done further studies at IMD, INSEAD and MIT.


We deliver our best results with clients who meet the following conditions

Business Characteristics

  • You have a business with and existing client base
  • Your business is at least 3 years old
  • Your business is knowledge intensive (you have many highly qualified employees)
  • You employ at least 10 people
  • Your senior management team consists of at least two people (including you)

Aspiration and Mindset

  • You want to build a scalable business that is not dependent you for day-to-day operations
  • Your want to spend more time ON the business and less time IN the busines
  • You have an open mind
  • You are willing to challenge your assumptions

How to work with us