Middle Management Leadeship Program

Philosophical principle

“You can’t learn to play golf in a seminar”

This hands-on training program builds on the idea that there is a fundamental difference between knowledge and mastery. While it is possible to acquire new knowledge in a one-day training, mastering something requires practice and repetition.

Target audience

Professionals who need to get work done with the help of other people. Typically, employees below manager level who supervise other people as part of their work.

Topics covered

This training covers 6 basic management skills for people new to management

  1. Understanding my role, my style and my aspiration as a leader
  2. Defining objectives and key results
  3. Personal productivity
  4. Delegating effectively
  5. Handling difficult conversations
  6. Motivating through effective feedback


  • The training is delivered in a group coaching format
  • Mix of online training, classroom training and group calls, with the option of one-one coaching.
  • The content is delivered in six modules, four to five weeks per module, with a two-week break between modules
  • The number of participants per class is limited to 8
  • Participants are expected to apply what they have learned in their day-to-day activities
  • The content can be adapted to the needs of the organization


  • CHF 1000 setup fee
  • CHF 500 per participant per module (without one-one coaching)