Interview #2 – Giuseppe Conti – How to transition from corporate to independent

In this interview with Giuseppe Conti, founder and managing partner of Conti Advanced Business Learning (CABL).Giuseppe has successfully managed to transition from corporate to entrepreneur. In this video you will learn

  • What new things you need to learn when moving from corporate to entrepreneur
  • What strategic choices are important to make early on
  • That you do not need to start with a great vision to build a successful business, as long as you are willing to make some smart choices about product and market
  • The value of getting the right external advice
  • About the new roles you need to fill when becoming an entrepreneur
  • How to select the right customers for your business
  • A simple formula to help you with customer selection and improving sales effectiveness

The purpose of these interviews is to learn from successful entrepreneurs about their experiences and lessons learned.

Enjoy this video

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