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Two habits of teams with high ownership and accountability

Watch it on my YouTube Channel. Would you follow a leader without a plan? Of course not! Would you like to be surrounded by team members without a plan? The answer is probably the same. Without a plan, it is almost inevitable that you will spend your days in reactive mode. Without a plan, you […]

How to save time by making better team-based decisions

You can tell how good someone is at making decisions by how much time they have. Busy people spend a lot of time correcting poor decisions, so they don’t have time to make good decisions. The problem is that making good decisions requires good thinking, and good thinking requires time, which many people don’t seem […]

Interview #6 – Thomas Gelmi – Why putting your customers first may not be such a good idea …

Thomas Gelmi is a specialist for Personal and interPersonal. He gained his experience in human interaction leading cabin crews as a former Swissair maitre de cabin. Today he helps companies achieve increase profitability through improved customer service. You may thus find it ironic that someone like Thomas believes that to improve customer satisfaction and customer […]

Interview #5 – Matthias Mölleney – How to increase trust and collaboration in leadership teams

Matthias Mölleney is a highly experienced HR professional and author of “Beyond Leadership”. Before founding is own company, PeopleXpert, Matthias held senior HR positions in Lufthansa, Swissair, Centerpulse and Unaxis. Matthias is also Head of the Center for Human Resources and Leadership on the HWZ University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration, and Director of […]

Interview #4 – Curt Blattner – A novel approach to achieve sustainable team performance

Curt Blattner is a former Nestlé exectutive and author of the book “The HEARTBEAT of EXCELLENCE – The Design of Changing Sustainably, the Swiss Way” In this interview you will learn Why some teams are able to maintain high performance, while others fail How to minimize pain and waste when trying to improve performance The […]

Interview #3 – The human side of business – Insights from an entrepreneur in Vietnam

Mastering the human side of business – In this interview with Thomas Himmelrich, my entrepreneurial sparring partner based in Vietnam, you will hear things that are also relevant for entrepreneurs in Europe.  The importance of the human side of business Things you better learn fast when you start a new business Focus is not just […]

Recognising Good and Bad Strategies – Part 5

Coherent action is the third and maybe most important element of a good strategy. Unfortunately, many leadership teams, when then engage in a strategy process, call the strategic objectives “the strategy” and stop there. This is a huge mistake, as the kernel of a good strategy must contain action. A strategy without action is like a knife that is not sharpened: it looks like something useful, but it is not.

Interview #2 – Giuseppe Conti – How to transition from corporate to independent

In this interview with Giuseppe Conti, founder and managing partner of Conti Advanced Business Learning (CABL).Giuseppe has successfully managed to transition from corporate to entrepreneur. In this video you will learn What new things you need to learn when moving from corporate to entrepreneur What strategic choices are important to make early on That you […]