Employee engagement success factors diagnostic

No business can afford disengaged employees, particularly now that many of them work from home.

Unfortunately, traditional recipes to increase employee engagement don’t take into account many of the things we have learned over the last 30 years.

That is why we developed a new diagnostic tool which incorporated finding from 70 research papers published since 1990.

The employee engagement success factor diagnostic (EESFD) helps organisations understand to what extend they are making use of proven strategies for more employee engagement.

Every business leader knows that there are three keys to sustainable performance: a clear strategy, an effective organisation and engaged employees.

And the place to start is employee engagement.


Because with more engaged employees, your efforts on strategy and organisation will deliver better results

High employee engagement is proven to result in better job performance, higher job satisfaction, increased organisational commitment, more organisational citizenship behaviour, and increased employee retention.

It should come as no surprise that research has shown that organisations with highly engaged employees clearly outperform their peers with less engaged employees.

But what are the critical success factors to employee engagement?

Traditional recipes advocate a combination of transformational leadership, a system of goals and objectives, and financial rewards.

So, what is wrong with these recipes?

While not fundamentally wrong, traditional recipes ignore highly relevant psychological factors of employee engagement.

Our employee engagement diagnostic closes that gap.

Through our systematic analysis of empirical studies published over the last 30 years, we have distilled 25 success factors that contribute to high employee engagement.

These 25 individual factors can be grouped into 6 major factors.

  1. Engagement climate
  2. Organizational resources
  3. Job resources
  4. Rewards and recognition
  5. Psychological safety
  6. Psychological contract fulfillment

Here is how it get access to a free diagnostic:

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  3. After completion of the survey, you get a free report showing you how your organisation scores on the 25 critical success factors.

Your benefit?

Knowing how your organisation performs in the 25 success factors allows you to focus your efforts to improve employee engagement.

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