Few things are more exciting for the entrepreneurially-minded than building and growing a business. The challenge, for founders of both commercial companies and non-profit organisations, is to keep growing successfully without getting lost in daily business.
Even organisations with great people, wonderful products and years of successful growth can reach a point when things “just don’t feel right any more”, or “don’t work as well as they used to”. Wining new clients, delivering new projects and getting new employees on board often translates into longer working hours and diminishing returns.
If managing your business is not as enjoyable as it used to be, and your people start saying that  “there must be a better way to run this business”, then your organisation has probably reached a Scale-Up Point.
Typical symptoms that the organisation has reached a Scale-Up Point are
  • After a long phase of low staff turnover, good people are leaving
  • Increasing tensions among your leadership team
  • Team morale is not as good as it was when the team was smaller
  • The more people you hire, the more you seem to be solving other people’s problems
  • Team leaders are great technically, but are not so good at delegating and motivating
  • More and more energy is spent dealing with internal conflict, rather that with serving the clients
Almost every business with real growth potential experiences this but only a fraction of them manage to move beyond this point to continue their journey to achieve their ambitions.
Agility3 is a boutique consulting firm on a mission to help leaders “get the Mojo back into their business” by helping business founders remove obstacles for growth so that they can reach new levels of business performance and achieve a better quality of life.
The starting point of our work with clients is always a 3-hour workshop with the leadership team, similar to the public workshop you can view in the video above.