Connected Leadership program

Connected Leadership is a 12-week group coaching program to significantly increase leadership focus and employee engagement and so get more traction on the actions that bring the business forward. 

It is specifically designed for owner-operated companies generating more than 1 Mio € top-line revenue per year, who are facing the challenge that the business founders are becoming a bottleneck because the organisation is still to dependent on them for daily operations.

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Middle management leadership program

“You can’t learn to swim in a seminar”

This hands-on training program builds on the idea that there is a fundamental difference between knowledge and mastery. While it is possible to acquire new knowledge in a one-day training, mastering something requires practice and repetition.

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Individual coaching for leaders

Leadership coaching is for top and middle managers who are willing to embark on a personal journey to discover how to make better use of their talents and abilities and become more effective leaders.

Coaching is for people who are willing to work on those personal factors that they can influence and even control: beliefs, thoughts, decisions and behaviors.

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Online trainings

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